Absent wi-fi still shows up in my available wi-fi connections list with fair to strong signal... ?


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Nov 24, 2014
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Two wi-fi connections I use sometimes in the morning on my way to work (on the bus) are permanently listed with a fair to strong signal in my available wi-fi list (Galaxy Tab 8), no matter where I am at the moment. There's no way these wi-fi signals are actually in range. It wouldn't be an important problem, but i fear these ghost wi-fi signals are interefering with the actual wi-fi connections of the same name on the bus (prevents me from connecting properly when I do need it)....


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Feb 12, 2012
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The phone "knows" wifi connections by their SSIDs (names), so it can't handle 2 different connections with the same name unless they're part of the same network. Do a Forget on those two, get on the bus and connect to the one on the bus. If you see it when you're not on the bus ignore it. The company or city or whoever owns the buses probably uses the same name and setup on every bus, so if you're near any bus you'll see that connection (and be able to use it).

Having a connection showing as available won't interfere with anything. Having the actual signal there, if you're trying to connect to a signal within about 3 channels, can. (If all the buses have wifi, with the same name, on the same channel, no one in that city should set up a wifi router near that channel. And the buses should be on channel 1 or channel 11. But not everyone who sets up a system actually knows how to set it up. Even Motorola, when setting up a communications system for New York City back in the late 60s/early 70s, took a huge bath when the system they had taken months and spent trains full of money developing didn't work. Sperry lost their shirt in a similar deal around the same time [with the same NYC agency].)

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