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Apr 7, 2012
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I would like to browse Android Central forums on the mobile version. It is very simple and straightforward to use on my phone, rather than the desktop version. The problem is, the server loads the desktop version when I load the forums. When I log in, 80% of the time, it will change to mobile version (logging in somehow triggers it, no idea why). But this doesn't happen 100% of the time.

I have the UA on my browser set to "Android," and I clear the site cookies and cache to make sure it loads freshly. But it just seems the server doesn't recognize the mobile request, for whatever reason.

Sooo, is there a specific URL, or link on the homepage, that automatically connects a user to the mobile site, so I can see the correct version and not have to deal with the frustration of "sometimes works, sometimes doesn't"?

Thanks a lot!


Oct 7, 2009
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It works! Awesome, thank you!

Now if ONLY there was a URL for the forums mobile site, that would be perfect. ( isn't correct, apparently)


Alternately, when you go to, the link on the top of the page for the forums will redirect to the mobile view forums.

Theres some general guidelines you can follow which may help in the future. Most sites use the standard of m. in the domain for mobile optimized so when looking, try Some good examples are,, ..... etc. Also, commonly any link from a mobile optimized site, assuming it's within the same domain, should take you to a mobile optimized site if available. An example would be the androidcentral forums. When you go to, and click the forums link, it automatically redirects to a mobile optimized forums site. Some sites may use a different method like and some just plain don't offer a mobile optimized site but most go with m.
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