Accessing Data on Phone with broken or cracked screen with a password on it. Black screen solution.

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Oct 17, 2016
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Hey Everyone,

I just came across a solution that worked out for me to get all my data back from by broken Samsung S5. I tried just about everything and nothing worked out and came across a fix just by chance.

I broke my phone when a sound system speaker toppled over and fell on my phone that was laying there. I thought nothing of it because my phone was already dead at the moment so didn't find out it was really broken till the next day.

The screen was black and didn't show anything but also didn't have any sign of damage. I assumed the internals broke from the impact. The phone still turned on and had sound and gave notification noises. Now I know it was still alive in there somewhere. I first went to a few repair shops and they all quoted me $170-180 USD to replace the screen. I'm due for a new phone so no way I was going to pay that.

I then turned to all kinds of unlocking software starting with the basic Samsung KIES, now called smart switch and no luck - "this device is locked". So then I went for Dr. Fone for android and that was no help either.

I then read about how people used a mouse to unlock the pinpad lockscreen and thought I would have a shot at it. I didn't have the right cables so I cut a few up and spliced them and it didn't work because I needed more juice running through the wires from the phone to get the mouse to work.

I went for the last resort and that was to see if there was internal damage that was the cause. I took the screen off and the lcd with no discovery of any damage.

I tried it again with the lcd removed and my phone automatically recognized the device as if it was unlocked and allowed me to retrieve my files. That simple.

I also made a short video on youtube about this here :

Let me know if anyone else had this experience. Thanks!


Jul 14, 2011
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That's... wow. If that's truly how you can 'unlock' an S5 that's a really bad security thing for Samsung haha. It's like unplugging the PIN pad from a bank vault and the thing just popping open. Unless you didn't have a secure lockscreen (just swipe or stuff like that), then I wouldn't be too worried about it.


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Jan 26, 2013
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Curious. What software is "processing"? Also, how did you navigate to your data... were you able to "see" what to download on the PC? Were you successful with getting all your data off the phone... photos, emails, contacts, etc?