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Add a Youtube Channel or Video to the home screen

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AC Question

Hi everyone!

I'm was a Windows Phone user who recently switched to Android and am now rocking an OnePlus One!

While I was redownloading all my apps and setting up my home screen, I stumbled on something in Windows Phone for which I didn't immediately find a replacement in Android.

In Windows Phone, using an app called MyTube, I could pin a specific YouTube channel (say CNet or The Verge) to my home screen. Pressing on this shortcut immediately launched the YouTube app in that Channel.

It seems the official YouTube app doesn't allow this kind of shortcut on the home screen.

Any workarounds/tools/apps/etc... for this?

Thanks in advance!!

Timo Verbrugghe

New member
Aug 16, 2014
Yeah tried looking for it, but kinda hard to search ;). I usually just get "YouTube" and then some YouTube wannabe apps in the Google Play Store, none of which seem to provide this functionality ;).

I tried adding an URL shortcut to the YouTube channel page on my Home Screen, then selecting YouTube (as default) to open these kinds of links... but that just seems to confuse the YouTube app I think, and every time I'm just taken to the Recommendations section...
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