"add fingerprint" takes me back to "password & security"

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Android version 12 (latest one for my device)

device OPPO A16s

I suspect I'm having a hardware issue, but I would still be grateful for help, perhaps I am missing some obvious user error or it is actually a fixable software issue.

My phone's fingerprint sensor stopped reacting, so I factory reset my phone. Now, when I want to add a fingerprint, the following happens:

I tap "settings"

I tap "password and security"

I tap "Fingerprint", which has written "not enrolled" in small writing underneath

I enter my unlock pattern

Now I am in the "fingerprint" menu. I tap the green "Add a fingerprint" option. I suspect this should let me add a fingerprint

I'm immediatly taken back to the "Password and security" screen, without any error message

Now I can tap "Fingerprint" again as in step 3. The circle continuous in eternity

Is there any chance this a software issue I can fix? I factory reset my phone once more and the issue persists, so I guess it is plausible to assume the sensor is broken? I'm just surprised I don't get any error message at all, I'm just thrown back to the "password and security" screen.

Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if more info is needed, or if another sub is more suited for this question.

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