Ads on Samsung Galaxy S8


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May 18, 2016
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I'm having ads that pop up on my screen, at first my screen will freeze and the ads pop up, usually for some musically app, and when I use my tabs button like I would regularly use to swipe away my recent apps, it shows up under "system" with the android logo. I've blocked my ads from the facebook app since I read somewhere that this would solve the problem but hasn't. I also tried uninstalling all of my apps that aren't automatically on my phone. I just updated my phone earlier since it was needing a software update and this didnt solve the problem either. I dont know what more I could do and it's very annoying and has made my phone very slow.


Jul 14, 2011
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Unfortunately this is 100% an app you installed. Problem is, it's hard to pinpoint unless you know which app you've installed lately or which app has been updated recently when it started happening (some apps turn this setting on after an update). Usual suspects are File Manager and Battery/Memory Saver apps as well as LED Lamps or GPS/Compass apps. For lockscreen ads, usually, there is a menu button or a cog icon somewhere in the ad that can take you to the culprit app's settings to disable this feature (which some call 'Charging Management' or optimization).

You can also try to run an AdNetwork detector app (from a reputable source, like Lookout's app) and see if that can detect which app is pushing ads to your phone.