Advice about migrating from Palm 800 and Treo Pro


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Oct 30, 2009
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My 800 finally died. Pretty much a brick. I've been a long time fan of it's form factor, and picked up the Treo Pro in a quick trip to Sprint.

Amazed that I can go almost 2 whole days w/o charging the battery!

This seems a likely upgrade path for me, but I'm having second thoughts about sticking with both Palm...and Win Mobile. Both a love and hate relationship.

Seriously thinking about jumping onboard the Android platform and trading my Treo Pro in for the HTC Hero. I've read good things. I guess the big tradeoff is getting rid of the keyboard, and gaining a bunch of screen. I'm guessing that maybe it's time to make the trade and adjust to soft keyboard.

I'm kind of dreading reinstalling all my wm programs and doing the hacks: opera mini, wx app, treo alert, etc....

Any opinions out there from folks?

Some concerns:

Browser: Opera mini vs. the Android Browser.

Docs: Native word, excel vs Android Docs to go

Sync: Activesync of files and Office. Will that work ok with the Hero?

Battery: Guess that's the biggest complaint on the Hero. Some fixes out there.

Upgrade path: Palm and Winmob seem like a dead end. Hero is already slated for Android 2.0 which will probably help with battery issues and some bugs (induced by sprint for using 1.4 Android)

Apps: Supposedly lots out there for Android.

Tethering Hacks avail?



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Nov 25, 2008
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Android rocks your socks!
I'm sure the OP appreciates your detailed feedback.

My main device for about 2 years was the 800w. Then I switched to Pre 3 months after it came out. Used it for a month and switched to the Touch Pro 2, used it for a month and now I'm using the Hero. I think I may actually keep this device, especially since I just found out the Hero will get 2.0

I was very skeptical about moving from a hardware keyboard (and such a spacious one on the Touch Pro 2!) to a software kb on the Hero. But the text prediction is very good, and after you use it for a few weeks and the dictionary learns your most used words it because very easy and quick to use.

I never used Opera Mini as my main browser on WinMo but I have used it. I mostly used Opera Mobile and Skyfire. Ever since I've been on Android I haven't missed either browser. Its very good. It will probably be a little slower than you're used to because Opera Mini uses server side rendering where as the Android browser renders everything on the device. But its still pretty quick. I'm very happy with it, and it'll only get better with Android 2.0 which has support for Flash 10, whenever Adobe gets that out.

I've not used Docs to Go on Android but have read reviews for Docs To Go on other platforms and I'm pretty sure it has more features than the standard Word/Excel thats included with WinMo devices. I'd go do some research just to make sure.

ActiveSync won't work on Android. You can download HTC Sync that will sync everything to your Hero. After a few weeks with my Hero I switched all my calendar and contacts from Outlook to GMail and everthing works flawlessly.

The device is actually pretty good on the battery. The problem is there is a few bugs that keep the device in a state of always on, even when you shut the screen off to put it in a sleep mode. The main way around this is to not use the default Messaging app for SMS and to download a third party SMS app. After I did this I've noticed much better battery life. Hopefully this'll be a non-issue in 2.0

I'm pretty sure tethering is only working on rooted devices, which the Hero isn't yet.