Advice: Note 5 to Note 9, plus switching carriers


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Apr 27, 2010
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I'm going on about 3 years with my Note 5, and even though I have chargers all over the place, I can't deal with the short battery life anymore. So I've pre purchased an unlocked ocean blue 128GB through B&H photo. They had (for me) the best freebies. You get the Dex pad dock, the wireless charger duo, and also the choice of the headphones or Fornite bucks. I rarely use headphones and don't play Fortnite.

For the longest time I was a Verizon customer, but got fed up with pricing. I found a deal on T-Mobile for $30 a month, pre-paid. "Unlimited" data (throttled at 5GB), texting, and 100 voice minutes a month. I rarely talk on the phone, and only 2 times in three years have I bumped into the 5GB cap. I went with this plan when I got the Note 5.

90% of the time, coverage is great. But I do a lot of outdoor photography and there are two things that are very important. Directions, and weather. I usually am out with others, and it bugs me to no end when they have service and I don't when we are in the middle of nowhere. I've downloaded maps ahead of time, but if you go off route, Google maps won't recalculate on the fly. So I've decided to make the switch back to Verizon.

When I get the Note 9, I'll be mid-billing cycle with T-mobile, so I'll let it run out to get my money's worth. Since I've never switched carriers like this, I just wanted to see if there was any gotchas I needed to be concerned about. Will Verizon charge me for a new SIM card, and then just bring my cell# over? It should be an easy process right?

I'm hoping I'll see a nice performance jump going from a 5 to the 9 too.


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Nov 3, 2013
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After my Note on AT&T I choose Verizon for my Pixel XL for the same reason you mentioned - coverage in the sticks or remoter. Saitcj over painless and kinda worked out, still some rural-backwaters not covered. Oh well. Also I don't think much of Verizon pricing, $66/month. Not that much of a deal.

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