Advice/recommendations on scanning apps


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Mar 5, 2014
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I am looking for a scan app that allows me to do the following - any recommendations would be greatly appreciated:

1) Group several photos, taken in succession, together in one file or folder (to help organize and keep multiple administrative records for an individual together)
2) Name photos and/or insert comments when the photo is taken
3) Zoom into each photo once it is taken to ensure sufficient quality, and retake if it is blurry
4) Cropping, rotating, and image enhancement features would be nice, but are not essential

I am willing to pay for a good app or service that meets these requirements.

I have heard about ODK Scan but can't find it in the Google Play store (anyone know if there's another way to get it?). It would also be nice if there is a survey app that allows you to integrate a photo/scan option with these features into a mobile questionnaire - ODK Collect has a good photo feature that can be integrated into surveys, but from what I can tell you can't zoom into the photo to assess quality within the app (need to open the picture in a different program to do so).

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