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Aug 23, 2013
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Turn your mobile into a digital frame!!!.

►The best Photo Widget for android

►All featured enabled in the free version without pay, will not find another more complete and powerful

From the creator of 'AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widget' comes a new special version for android 3.0 +.


To use the widget, follow these steps

For Android 4.0+:
Home screen->Applications-> Widgets ->Aego SlideShow Frame->Widget

For Android 3.x and some widgets:
On the Home screen, press and hold on any free spot->Widgets-> Aego SlideShow

The default widget size is 2x2 but it can be enlarged to fill the screen while preserving the quality of the image \n (In case of doubt watch the video)


All functions are free.

● Almost endless customization posibilities:

○ 26 different frames and 17 decorations.
○ You can also install the extension pack which includes 150 new frames
○ Making possible almost 3000 different combinations.
○ Compatible with extension (aego extension).

● Small size.

●Battery friendly:

○ The frame will stop updating while hidden until it is visible again, starting from the corresponding photo with elapsed time.

● Resizable high picture quality:

○ Resize with no quality loss (from 2x2 unlimited).

● Quick pictures selection:

○ You can choose a full album, several albums or individual photos all at once.

● Control panel:

○You can pause the slideshow, restart it, move to the next, move to the previous one, choose any photo, watch the current picture on fullscreen, and change features of the widget.

●You can place as many widgets as you want with different pictures, frames, effects, etc ...

● You can choose the delay between images.

○ From 5 seconds up to 4 hours

● 10 wonderful transition effects between images. >

● You can pick from 3 widget types without setting it again:

○ One photo at a time or 4 photos (with two ways to pass different photos).

If you find a bug(fail or problem)
or have a suggestion
Please send an email

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