after ota-update stuck in recovery-install update-mode - please help me!

Claudia B1

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Aug 7, 2013
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I just bought a completely new s4 mini. after turning it on for the first time and log into google etc. I got the message, that a firmware update is available. the phone was on for the first time for ca. 5 minutes. I chose the update and the phone turned off while installing the firmware. then the installing-android appeared and at ca. 25% the installation failed with an error. then the phone turned into recovery-mode (at least "recovery booting" in the top left corner appeared), but I never get to see the recovery-menu!
the samsung logo "s4mini gtxxx" appears and stays forever..

taking out the battery and in again will do the same. pressing "volume up, home and power" (recovery mode) will again lead to the installing android which says "installing firmware update" and will fail at 25 %.

the phone is not flashed or anything else - I just experienced it for 5 minutes after buying it.. :(

please please help! what can I do??
Aug 9, 2013
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Hello! Well, this could be tough. I can help you get it back, but it's tough to explain every step. Usually, there are guides for this, but the s4 mini is so new and not many people have it. There isn't a guide, but I was able to find stock images. I would try to return it to the person you bought it from first. It's tough to walk you through the process of restoring it (but I'm happy to if it's needed).

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