Alarm icon displayed all the time on homepage (Samsung Galaxy Alpha)


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Hi. I have a very annoying problem with my Galaxy Alpha phone.
On homepage, next to current time (clock), a small icon that represents alarm clock turned on, is displayed all the time. So, whether alarm is turned on or off that icon is displayed. This isn't something that's affecting my phone performance etc, but it's really annoying thing. I always google solutions and this is the first time ever I'm making a "help me" post on internet.
So, restarting, clearing cache, various alarm and time & date changes etc - nothing helped. There's one thing that might be helpful (for someone who knows the solution) - this happened to me after Daylight Saving Time change, on March 27th.
Is it possible that this screwed the phone somehow? I have this phone almost a year and this time changing thing already occurred for winter and everything worked fine.

Thanks in advance!


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Nov 21, 2012
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Short of a factory reset, you have to find the needle in the haystack. Some app somewhere on your phone has registered an alarm with the system. And that could really be anything.

Not knowing your phone (I don't own one), but on my Nexus, if I expand the quick settings shade, the alarm is actually shown on the screen, up by the clock.. if I click on the alarm time, it brings me right into the app that registered the alarm. But Touchwiz probably works different than stock Android here... but there's no harm in looking around in the notification/quick settings for something similar.