Alcatel Pixie Pulsar smartphone memory discrepancy. Why is my internal memory showing less then it should?


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Alcatel Pixie Pulsar smartphone memory discrepancy.

The phone is advertised as having 4GB internal memory but only 2GB shows up at total storage when I first turned on the phone. Where sis the other 2GB go?


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Feb 12, 2012
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2GB is reserved for the system and 2 is available for you. (BTW, it's storage, not memory. Memory is the RAM, not the ROM, which is storage. The cellphone industry [or the users - I'm not certain which] has gotten the two terms so mixed up that no one knows what anyone is talking about any more - but ROM [technically EAROM] keeps what's in it with the power off, RAM doesn't, so unless you're reinstalling all your apps every time you turn the phone on, you're storing them in ROM, which is storage, not RAM which is memory, which is where the apps run.)