All Samsung apps says my device is unauthorized or device is rooted

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My Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955W) installed an update last night via OTA, this morning I was greeted with the 'Device was updated.' message at the bottom. When I slid the notification slider down noticed the Samsung Health app said 'Updating'.

I clicked on it and after 20 seconds was presented with this message:
'Access Denied
Unauthorized changes were made to your phone. Contact Customer Service for more Information. (0x04#0x4000#0FFC6167N2730)'

I restarted my phone, and was presented with the above message again when accessing Samsung Health.

I then tried Samsung Pass and Samsung Secure Folder and it seems all Samsung apps now tell me:
'Your device has been rooted. Samsung Pass cannot be used on rooted devices for security reasons.'

I've never rooted my phone, or installed any apps using the 'Allow unknown sources'. It's a work phone btw.
My wife has the exact same phone except not on a corporate account and hers updated normally.

If I go to Settings > About Phone > Status > Phone Status = Official
If I go to Play Store > Settings > Play Protect Certification = Device is Certified

Current Software version is G955WVLU6CSI3/G955WOYA6CSI3/G955WVLU6CSI3
Security Patch Level: October 1, 2019
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Welcome to Android Central! Can you ask your IT department about this? Perhaps they flashed a different firmware on the phone to make it compatible with something, and that might have tripped Knox.