Alternative to Find X3 Pro at 499 CHF


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Mar 11, 2023
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This offer is available in Switzerland until the end of March.

Is there anything in this price range that would be a better option?

For reference, Pixel 6 is 430chf , Nothing Phone (1) is 410chf, Paco F4 is 430chf.

Any other suggestions?

Seems like a really good deal to me but the battery life needs to be good, which I've seen a few people complain about with the X3 Pro (though, to be fair, you can see people complain about battery life on every phone if you look for it.)


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May 31, 2021
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The Oppo Find X3 Pro is a very nicely specified phone. I would worry how much security and software support is left as it was released in March '21.
I can recommend the F4 as I have the F2 Pro with a similar chipset (SD865 not SD870) and it keeps getting better, but you should get the 128gb version for a lot cheaper, or hold out for a price drop / daily deal on the 256gb version in the Xiaomi Store app/site if you can get it there.
I know Swiss residents are uber wealthy though and are running out of storage space for all that money. I can possibly help you there :D

I've been looking at the value midrange / bargain flagship area and there are many I can't think of at the moment but can come back. (UK here)
My current fancy is now the Samsung Galaxy S21 fe 5g which was only released in January 22 on Android 12 with 4 more OS updates and 5 years total security updates. One UI 5.1 and a USB 3.1 port for hdmi tv connectivity, DEX/ Windows support etc and the Snapdragon 888.

The Pixel 7 should also come down to your budget, or close. It's currently down to £469 here.
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