Android 12 / ASUS ROG Phone 5 System App Location Drain


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Nov 30, 2022
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Hello there. I am using the ASUS Rog Phone 5, 144 Hz, Snapdragon 888, 256GB, 12GB RAM, Dual SIM, 5G, 6000 mAh battery, Android 12.

And in the last couple of days I noticed a location usage notification (the one on the upper right side of the screen) -

and with that a noticeable battery drain.

Looking into the location history it shows (as a system app) an app named "NextApp" which requests the location continually


The location permission for that app is set to not allowed, but it's still using it and drains the battery phone.

I haven't found anything online regarding this issue and I'm not sure if it's an Android 12 System App or ASUS bloatware system app. Either way it cannot be removed. Forcing the app to stop doesn't solve the issue. Rebooting the phone doesn't stop the issue. Switching the app permission to allow then to not allow, or any other combination
I have to keep my location off, and keep turning it on when I actually need it, then I have to turn it back off so it does not drain my phone dry.

Does anyone have any other idea/which could be the reason of this problem? Is it ASUS's fault or just Android 12 (as it's always has been junky anyway).

Appreciate your time and effort. Have a nice day regardless.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! I noticed you didn't show the actual Battery Usage list of apps that have been using the most battery. Recent Access doesn't necessarily mean it's the top battery utilizer. Can you show us the list of apps using the most battery?

You might also want to install an app like GSam Battery Monitor or Accubattery to get some collateral information about battery usage.