Android 6.0.1 Google Play sync issue


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Dec 27, 2016
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I have a Samsung Note 4 & Asus Zenpad 10. Both run the same marshmallow OS. I usually upload music from the laptop to my Google Drive then download them onto my phone & use Google Play to create play lists & play them. This process seems to work fine on my Note 4 but when I login to Google Play using the Zenpad, I cannot see any of my music...but when I login into Google Drive with the Zenpad, I can see all my music.

I have done basic troubleshooting including, clearing cache & app data then refreshing. Removing google accounts & re-adding. Soft reboots. Ensured that 'Sync' for Google Play music is switched on under account settings.

Any ideas? This is very frustrating. I have been on the phone with Google Support & they told me to do the above (which I had already done)...there next step were factory reset which I want to avoid if possible...not only because it is a pain, but I don't think it will fix anything.

Thanks for your help!

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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