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I use the Google Maps/Navigation Feature from my Galaxy S10 wired to Chevrolet "My Link" display.

My question is: As I'm driving, is there any way to get the "moving arrow" that represents the car to always point towards the top of the screen, which is essentially the way I'm traveling, and have the map rotate, instead of changing constantly to N. E, S, and W?

To me, pointing "up" is the direction I'm traveling, pointing "down" is where I've been, and east and west is just left and right.

I don't really care about the compass when I'm driving.



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Jul 7, 2013
In the Maps app (on your phone) tap your profile icon then select settings. Scroll down to navigation settings and in there is a setting to keep map north up, make sure that's off.

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Sep 9, 2018
For me, I've got the ability to switch between three different ways to view it, both on the phone screen and at the vehicle head unit screen, by toggling on the compass arrow:
-North Up
- Perspective
- Overview