Android Auto won't access contacts by voice


Feb 18, 2013
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I recently purchased a Huawei Mate SE (Honor 7x International) and for the most part, I love the phone. Google and Android Auto have behaved strangely though. First, when going to the Google search bar, sometimes it would display my recent searches and sometimes it wouldn't. That was without changing settings or anything. Very weird.

Android Auto has been hit or miss. I have a Pioneer AVH4100. It always connects and displays on the screen. The problem I have now is it won't recognize my contacts by voice. It displays them in the phone book and call log though. If I say, "Call mom" it'll say "who would you like to call" and then go through a series of responses trying to me to clarify the name. If I disconnect and do the same thing straight through Google, it works perfectly. If I try it on Android Auto through the phone and not connected to my headunit, it won't recognize the contact. Very weird. It's almost like Android Auto and my contacts aren't communicating. I've checked permissions, cleared caches, uninstalled and reinstalled apps, etc. I'm not sure what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated.