Android File Transfer NOW WORKS With A Trick on Mac


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Jun 6, 2010
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This is on a Mac

Ok start with this link and download the free trial.

The Missing Sync for Android for Mac - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

Next go to the Market place and download Missing Sync for Android

Next Launch Missing Sync For Android on your computer

Next Run in Demo Only and run threw the set up mode also for wifi sync and make sure you pair your tablet.

Next I unchecked all the apps in the program on the computer and plug in your USB.

Next Launch Android File Transfer

I'm not sure whats going on here now, I'm doing this on my iMac that does not have Lion on it but I will start the sync on my Tab then abort and WOW Android File Transfer works and mounts the device to drag and drop the files then unplug the USB and your pics and other stuff is there.

I'm going to play with this some more on my MBP with Lion.
There is something in that Missing Sync program that is making Androind Transfer work for the Galaxy Tab but what not sure ? I hope some one else will play with but it does mount the Tab, I hope I made sense here I was typing all this as I was installing everything.

Part 2

Ok Back on my iMac that does not have Lion installed, both programs were closed but I did have the app open on my Tab, I plugged in my usb and the Android Transfer mounted my tab. I just loaded a movie and Play GREAT.

I hope some one else here will play around with this method and have more news if it worked or did not ?

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