Android for "non-techy" users...


Oct 20, 2009
Just a thought as I prepare to leave for work (and listen to my sleeping dog who, apparently, is having night terrors right now lol).

I just perused the issues list for Android and it occurred to me. I wonder if Android, as an OS, will find its momentum stalled because while it works out of the box, to maximize its potential, it'll require some tinkering by the end user. I don't know how to code, but give me a good set of directions and I'll tinker all damn day lol. But people aren't even able or willing to try, and that's cool. Depending on the type of phone they had before Android, it was never asked of them.

In short, I wonder if Android is "too nerdy" or requires too much tech savvy to penetrate more market share at this time. I mean, besides the growing number of phones using the OS, and the Google name behind it, do people even know why Android is an exciting platform (referring to people who don't browse the tech sites or, worst, issue lists lol)?

Maybe Google's long term position on it is to make it work out of the box, yet leave it open for the coders and tinkerers of the world...? If so, I'd consider that a shrewd balancing act on Google's part. Using my Droid these last 48 hours, it seems that's what they're striving for. Then again, some people want to buy their phone, activate it, and be done with it. What good is openness as a selling point if the buyer doesn't even recognize it as a value-added aspect of the product?

Just wondering if Android will always be a niche OS or if it can reach a tipping point, so to speak.


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Nov 11, 2009
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I think they are moving slowly towards making the standard android platform better with more functions built in, while also allowing room for manufacturers to personalize it with their own dramatic versions with developers being able to add to the more techy/geeky side of it. The new UI's from SE are pretty slick and a very good example of what they want manufacturers to do with it.
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Nov 24, 2009
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For now, the next few years, I think Android will fill a geek niche. I have a myTouch and got it over the HTC Hero mainly because I did not want a phone with some "carrier specific" changes.

For me the myTouch is awesome out-of-the box. Even better after the 1.6 upgrade to help with the speed.

I think when Android hardware gets a bit faster, I think you will see a slow but steady people moving to Android.

Jerry Hildenbrand

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Oct 11, 2009
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Put MotoBlur or Sense on decent hardware, and 90% of the population would be more than satisfied and have no desire to tweak. The other 10% can happily spend their time monkeying with their phones :)