Android - Google voice search activation through headphone jack/interrupted listening


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Apr 21, 2016
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Does your music cut out while listening with your device? does google voice search randomly pop up as your headphones/earbuds jack wiggles slightly?

i may have a fix for you.

Possible Fix

- if you have the google search bar anywhere on your phones main page(s), i found that deleting it from the home page(s) temporarily fixed the issue for me. so go ahead and give it a go, but i say temporarily because the next day the issues came back in full force.

Likely Fix

- this "fix" has worked for me, and has stayed fixed for over a week now. so im assuming that this may be the real issue. first of all, there are 2 very common types of headphone jacks. 3 pole, and 4 pole, which is crudely rendered below.

^-3 pole design. (from left to right, the sections are as follows) left audio, right audio, and ground.

^-4 pole design. (from left to right, the sections are as follows) left audio, right audio, microphone, and ground.

the length of 3 pole and 4 pole designs are identical - 4 pole just has an extra section for the mic.

Most if not all modern phones are designed to use 4 pole headphone jacks because of the microphone feature for calls and what-have-you.

My theory is that if youre using 3pole headphones/earbuds, the mic and ground are confusing the phone, possibly causing a short, and as a result, activating the google voice search function, or just plain cutting out your music in general. so to fix this, simply buy earbuds or headphones that use a 4pole design to bypass this issue, which seems to be so prevalent.

i do not know if there are any 3 pole to 4 pole adapters, so good luck with that...

I really hopes this helps those in need

thank you for reading

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