Android Hates Aruba Networks?


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Mar 24, 2014
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I have a RAZR MAXX HD. I spend a lot of time in places using Aruba Networks wireless equipment. It seems like no matter where I go, if they use Aruba, my WiFi icon stays white (normally blue when online, white when offline) and my phone won't sync email or anything even AFTER I have cleared any captive portals and can access websites and download apps. I figured it was just the strict firewall at my school, or the firewall that our local healthcare system uses. However, a recent trip took me to three malls, all owned and operated by the same company, and with the same captive portal (just with the logos substituted). At the two out of three malls that used Aruba Networks H/W, I was able to reproduce the issue. However, the third mall, which used Cisco Aironet H/W, the icon turned blue almost immediately after clearing the captive portal. I might also add that if I turn on my VPN app, the icon turns blue even when connected through an Aruba AP. Note that this issue has been reproduced on multiple different devices (GNex 7 2013, older Galaxy device), and it JUST happens with Aruba (doesn't even happen on a $70 Belkin router).

Has anyone else has this problem? Anyone know might this might occur? Is there something I could ask the school IT dept to change on the WLAN controller?
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