Android head unit stuck due to enabling "simulate secondary display"

Benny Tu

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Oct 25, 2022
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Got an Android head unit with no physical buttons (has 1 tiny reset hole only). I was playing around with developer settings and enabled Simulate Secondary Displays with 4K option. Unfortunately this lead to the simulated display overlay taking over the entire screen with no way to get rid of it as the touchscreen is not unresponsive over the overlay. As a note, USB debugging mode was not enabled on the headunit prior to this happening.

I've hooked up a USB keyboard and have managed to get to the app drawer but can't seem to find a way to scroll through and select the "settings" app. Pressing 'TAB' or the arrow keys don't seem to be able to cycle through the app drawer.

If anyone could help with any of the 3 solutions, I would be grateful:

1. How to navigate through app drawer to get to "settings" app on android via USB keyboard?
2. How to bring up the android search bar with the keyboard only (that way I can search for "settings")
3. How to boot up android headunit in safe mode (tried it on my mobile phone and was able to disable simulated display once in safe mode). However my headunit has no physical buttons.
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