Android LG Sunrise Spyware Issue: how can I get rid of it?


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Android LG Sunrise Spyware Issue

Hello I just bought a new straight talk LG sunrise powered by android and I have somebody is how do I say it spyware'ing me out I had a zte whirl 2 before this and all the signs of spyware (1) battery life not lasting more than an hour (2) battery is heating up while phone is in idle (3) phone reboot for no reason (4)mobile media is using a lot more than I am using.. and on my LG Sunrise I sync my google account and the same problem are back and anti virus in play store is not finding the spyware or malware or what ever it is..... someone please help me..... and I can do a factory data reset and it dose not work either..... and I can not get rid of my google account I have to much stuff linked to it..... Please Please Please Help me. thank you in advanced

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