Android noob needs help, battery and apps.


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Jun 21, 2012
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Ok so I am sure all of this is covered but I still need help as alot of posts get off track.

To start off I bought the phone in Oct11, I know for a fact I am not using the phone to even 40% of its potential, I bought the phone for when I travel so I can get into my emails and on the web when needed. Some of the hotels I stay at charge 20$ for 12 hours so buying a smart phone pays off in the long run.

Here is what I use the phone for.

1. Web search
2. Tele Nav (very rare)
3. Email but i sync when I want to, not daily as I work from home
4. Lots of phone calls, speaker phone alot.
5. Wifi but rare as of late since my battery life goes down big time.

Here is some issues, I downloaded ICS and since then when I go to bed with a full charge I wake up 8 hours later with 30% loss of battery life, since the download I also have issues with the time the battery takes to charge, double the time it use to take. I just downloaded an app killer today, and killed alot of running items, I am at a loss on how to make this phone perform better and make it so I am not always charging, the old OS was bad but not as bad as the problems I have now. I simply need help from some Guru's.


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