Android Nougat Root

Tylor Turpin

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Sep 25, 2018
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hello, i used one of the root tool named as rootkhp to root my android nougat. I followed guide which i found from the Internet. Even though i followed steps as mentioned i was stuck.I launched the tool in my windows PC. But my smartphone did not recognized by the tool. How to fix this error:(


Feb 23, 2011
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I'm always leary of automated root tools because you don't always know if it contains any malware. Not to mention the method of rooting is very device specific. It's not as simple as knowing your OS version. You need to know the device make and model, the software build version, and carrier version (if applicable).

For example a rooting method for a Sprint phone isn't likely to work on a Verizon version of that same phone. Sprint could also release an update that closes the backdoor that was used to root that phone and a new method must be found.

If you let us know your specific device, someone here may be able to help you more (I haven't rooted in years), but otherwise I'd suggest looking at a place like the XDA developers site for specific rooting instructions. That is, assuming a method has been found for your device in the first place. Popular devices get the most research for rooting, and cheap no name devices are unlikely to be researched. It'll require some legwork on your part to make sure you understand the process before you attempt it.


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Feb 12, 2012
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For Nougat, try Magisk systemless root (Magisk Releases· GitHub) if you can open the bootloader on your phone. There are articles all over XDA Forums on how to install it. (John did good - one root for all. And it's not a "one-click-root" toy, it's real root and it works from 6.0 up.)