Question Android: One UI - 8-DEC-2023 Update


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Dec 8, 2023
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My phone just updated and, yet again, Android updates keep messing up my settings all over the place. I'm so damn frustrated right now because this is annoying as hell and completely uncalled for.
It removes certain apps/widgets from my screen, it moves icons all over the place, it changes fonts, etc.

I'm so sick and tired of this junk. Why can't they just leave my friggin' phone settings alone? What person is in charge of forcing every single Android owner to endure their ridiculous ideas of how they want your device to look and operate?
Is there a way to rollback an update? I'm tired of always having to redo crap because of this One UI junk every time there is an update.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Which Samsung phone do you have? Are these system settings, or settings within 3rd party apps that are getting changed?

System updates are important for bugfixes and security patches, so it's usually inadvisable to avoid updates. Rolling back to previous versions would typically involve flashing the firmware, which is also not advisable for those who aren't technically experienced with that kind of thing.

In addition to security patches and bugfixes, manufacturers will often add or change features, which can understably be frustrating sometimes, especially if they do it poorly, or without any clear explanation as to what has changed. That kind of thing needs to be given as feedback to Samsung, either through the Samsung Members app or in the Settings>General Management>Contact Us menu.
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