Android OS FAQ's (Updated 7/31): Please Read Before Posting

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The following are frequently asked Android OS questions. This page will be updated frequently, and suggestions are welcomed. Please PM a mod or admin if you have a suggestion or would like to add additional content.

Which task killer do you recommend?

We do not advocate the use of task killers. If you must use one, please educate yourself first.

Why won't my phone rotate?
Check to make sure you have automatic rotation enabled in the sound and display settings.

Why does my screen dim randomly?
It's the automatic brightness feature. Turn it off in the sound and display settings under brightness.

How can I see what's been using my battery?
Go to settings, about phone, then battery use.

How do I check for phone updates?
Go to settings, about phone, then system updates.

How do I uninstall apps?
Press the menu button, go to settings, applications, manage applications, then select the program from the list and uninstall. 2 other alternatives: Uninstall them via the Market app, or use a 3rd party app (like Uninstaller - free at the time of this post).

How do I check for updates for my apps?
Go to the Market, then press the menu button, then Downloads. If you have any programs that need updates they'll be at the top of the list.

How do I copy and paste?
To copy in a text box, long press it, then "select all" or "select text", then long press again and select copy. To copy a link or email, long press it and then select copy. To paste, long press a text box and select paste.

Note: this availability of this feature, and the process above may vary according to the device you own. Please check the User Guide for specific information.

How do I rename a folder shortcut?
Click the folder to open it, then long press the gray bar at the top of it.

How do I open voice search?
Long press on the search button in the lower left corner of the phone.

How do I remove widgets and icons?
Long press it, then move to the app tray trash bin icon. Note: this does not uninstall the app. It only removes the shortcut icon from the screen.

How do I remove pre-installed bloatware and/or hide icons from the applications screen?

These applications are pre-installed in the phones ROM and cannot be removed without rooting the phone first.

Okay, so what is rooting and how do I do this?

Their's a stickied FAQ about this. Please read it.

Can I make my wallpaper crop square bigger?
Press on a corner of the crop box and then drag it to size.

What size should my contact photos be to prevent pixelation?
around 250x250 or higher.

How do I turn off SMS notifications so I can use third-party apps like SMS Popup & Handcent?
Go into the Messaging app, click the menu button, settings, and at the bottom, uncheck "notifications".

How do I get songs, video, etc. onto my Android phone?

There's a specific sticky on how to do this.

How do I play Youtube videos in HD?

When the video starts playing, click menu, more, and "watch in high quality".

Is it possible to make YouTube videos play in HD by default?

YouTube videos will default to HD on a WiFi connection. Carriers have forced manufactures to play YouTube in low quality mode by default, assumably to reduce bandwidth consumption. Once a phone has been rooted, there are usually ways around this. Refer to your devices ROM & Hacks section for solutions.

Are applications device specific?

95% of the application in the market are NOT device specific. Some have minimum OS requirements. Always consult the application description for these requirements. It's also helpful to read reviews, as others may have reported issues running an application on the same device that you have. Because applications are typically not device specific, please post all app questions, reviews, and comments in the apps forum vs. individual device forums. Doing so, will benefit ALL forum members, not just those that share the same device as you do. Besides, not doing so just creates more work on our all volunteer mod staff (just sayin).

One last thing about apps: There are several stickies that are must reads, including a top 5 apps sticky (helpful to read the more recent posts first, rather than starting at the begging), polls for Twitter, iTunes syncing, and Favorite Twitter apps, and several more. Please check em out!

If you do not see an answer to your question above, please use the SEARCH feature of the forums, to look for a solution, before starting a new thread.
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Cory Streater

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Sep 21, 2009
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This, and other stickies in this forum, have been updated and will continue to be updated in the coming days. Please familiarize yourselves with these stickies, particularly if you're new to Android.
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