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Jan 11, 2013
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I'm looking to spend around $70 or less. Preferably around $40-50 or less. Even a bad esn HTC desire for $25 on ebay would probably fine with me. I would love to go out and buy a Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy S3 but they are way out of my budget and would defeat the purpose.

I've done a lot of reading and other research, but if people would like to chime in feel free.

After paying a monthly data package for my wife's phone I can't see myself being able to afford one for myself. She needs and would use one more anyways. Ideally, I'd love to ditch my current "dumb" phone, buy an android and connect it to verizon without a data package. I've read off and on about it but generally, it seems impossible to do so. Their phone reps have confirmed the same. Though, there was a large thread about it on verizon's forums. It went on forever and I never had the time to read it all to see if anyone has done it with success.

Android phones to offer a lot of things I'd like out of the house: GPS, web, music, camera, video, notepad, microphone, occasional games, instant message, email, etc.

Obviously like I stated above, I could just get a data plan. I can't justify the cost. like many other people, I'm usually at work with wifi or at home with the internet. I would rarely need a data plan. Moreover, I would rarely need an android phone where I have no wifi. If I need to make a mobile phone call I'll use my verizon serviced "dumb" phone.

With that in mind, and my wife's old Droid X's hardware issues (locking up and showing black holes in the display output) I heard an AMOLED based phone is a good idea and may not have the "black hole" problem her old Droid x does. Though, I'm sure there may be other technologies that aren't susceptible to the issue as well. She always kept her phone away from high heat and treated it really well.

List of the features I'd like, with varying degrees of importance. ones in bold are a "must":
android OS + able to run either OS or app based encryption
anywhere from small to a larger ~5.5" screen (looking to carry this on me and nearly everyday and needs to be able to fit in big pockets or smaller cargo pockets)
Slate style
AMO/LED Screen (or something else very durable and reliable)
removable storage, such as MicroSD
removable battery without tools (i like the ability to buy extras and swap them out if I'm away from home for a while)
easily rooted
good community support

My dream device would be a 5.5" ubuntu based mil-spec heavy duty style tablet/phone with the specs above. It would be way out of my price range though! ;)

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks ladies/gents!

Some research pointed me to a few phones that may work:
HTC Desire
HTC Droid Incredible / ADR6300
HTC Incredible S

What else would you guys recommend?
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