Android security updates: Everything you need to know


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Sep 23, 2023
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The September 2023 security patch has arrived! Here's what to keep an eye out for.

Android security updates: Everything you need to know : Read more
Some thoughts regarding BAD practices regarding updates:
1. Isn't this the 2nd September 2023 update? There was one about 3 weeks ago.
2. WHY is nobody noticing that, with this & other updates, GAMES/APPS have been forced upon us, without our consent? "G998USQS9EWI1" is the update.
3. "Brain Blow" was the specific app that got installed, and then scanned. It has 10M+ downloads.
4. This is THE first update I've ever seen that said, 2 days before: "Sep 24, Android Security Update will be applied," and then, of course, you have the option to do it now - and I did. Other updates just nag until done.
Why is Google (or whomever) forcing new games to download with these updates; or is this where part of their Supply Chain has been infiltrated by these Zero Day exploits? Obviously, Google must have some side-agreement with developers of "Brain Blow." And there are other times this has happened. In those cases where it's a "core app" that is part of Google or related phone infrastructure, I'm okay with that - not always happy about it, BUT these are SPYWARE GAMES! These are games that have tons of ads and who knows what else in them! It's just not right! Of course I immediately uninstalled it. Any thoughts or insights on the above comments are welcomed. Thank you.


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Jan 17, 2015
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I'd be talking to your carrier about bundling games and or apps along with your security update. That isn't a Google or Samsung practice as far as I know.
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