!android system message


Mar 20, 2010
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So, I was messing around with my droid's sd card and when I unhooked it, I got the "damaged sd card" message. I backed up everything, then formatted it, and it works fine now.
I tried to put my ringtones back into a 'zedge' folder that I recreated in the original place before it was formatted (zedge is the ringtones app I use) and when I would try and set my ringtone on my phone, it would pop up the normal prompt to choose between the android system and zedge, but when I click zedge, all I saw was a option that looked like "! android system" and when clicking on it, would have all the ringtones I backed up and some I've never seen before. Rechecked my sd card and couldnt find them.
So, then I deleted the zedge folder that I made and let the app make its own, then redownloaded all my ringtones straight from the app. But that "! android system" option is still there, and so are all the random ringtones I never downloaded.

Looked around and couldn't find the same issue, anybody have any ideas?