Android tablet gaming issue


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Feb 8, 2017
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Please, i need help. When i try to play game with my new Npole tablet. The movement button won't work. The person can only move once and stop. Even when am driving a car. My hand will still be at the accelerator button but the car will move and stop as the button returns to its normal position rather than wait for me to take my hands off it. Please, can i fix the problem since i cant enjoy the game anymore.

Your response is highly appreciated


Jul 14, 2011
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Is this issue happening only on a specific game? Or does it happen with other apps? It might be a hardware issue if the screen is not recognizing the continuous input of your finger. This was a similar bug, IIRC, in some Note 10.1 tablets a while back, where the screen would 'cut off' continuous input and would cause controls to be wonky and drawing lines or scrolling to be jumpy. It was corrected with a software update, but if your manufacturer has a similar issue, then they would have to release the fix.