Android tablet upgraded overnight, now all settings lost, apps not working, etc

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My Android tablet was upgraded last night. First thing I noticed was that my morning games' settings had vanished, and I was back to defaults. Then I started seeing similar problems where I'd configured things that were now back to default settings. Then Xodo pdf reader no longer has my favorites and on-screen bookmarks, and won't even open pdf files, nor can I share from a pdf to Xodo, as it's not one of the options.

The tablet is a Walmart special (Onn) that has been surprisingly good, other than location not having low power mode (meaning is always OFF, so apps that can't just use the network-based version don't get to use it at all), and my WIFI app won't show what it's connected to (hopefully at least to MY WIFI).

Has anyone ever seen something like this before? I'm used to "upgrades" always breaking the most useful stuff, but this is bad enough that it can't be intentional.

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