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Aug 9, 2011
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Just got an iPhone after ditching my Nexus S 4G. I love Android, and the NS4G is definitely a sexy phone, but repeated hardware issues and Sprint's crappy network prevented me from staying with it.

So, I decided to pick up an iPhone 4 on Verizon. So, here's my really quick and to the point observations of adjusting to iOS. Feel free to add in, ask questions, etc:

-First bump I ran into was arranging pictures. With Android this is done by plugging your phone into a Mac/PC, create folders on the SD card and drag your pictures where you want them. With the iPhone you have to connect it to iTunes, export all your pictures, arrange them on your desktop into folders, then sync them back to the iPhone. Argh.

In Android this is even possible to do on the phone itself, through use of a file manager. With iOS, there is no file manager, so like it or love it, you are handcuffed to iTunes.

-Apple seems to not be fond of 'delete all' buttons. There isn't a way (that I'm aware of) to clear all text messages in one shot. Instead, you have to click 'edit', then hit the delete button next to each individual message. Considering that pretty much every other phone in creation has this functionality, I was quite surprised.

-Did I mention there was no file manager? And boy is it a royal PITA. For example, to load my keepass database on the phone I had to 1) Open the app (in this case MyKeePass). 2) Hit the '+' button. Then, 3) USE A FREAKING WEB BROWSER TO UPLOAD THE DB TO THE APP.

With Android it was just plug my phone into my Mac, and drop it on the sd card. Boom. Done.

-Notifications. Yea, umm, they pretty much blow compared to Android. Personally, I don't care for every app popping up in the middle of my screen (and interrupting what I was doing) just to inform me that it's my turn in Words with Friends (which I'm shamelessly addicted to). True, you can dig into the options and set it so apps don't do this, but you 1) can only set it on a per app basis and 2) some apps, like 'Messages' you can't disable the pop-ups unless you disable notifications across the board. Uh, ok.

No sane person can deny that this system is far inferior to Android's notification bar, and I'm willing to bet my last dollar Apple even knows this (hence iOS 5's new "notifications bar center").

-Permission/security. Call me crazy, but I actually like the fact that Android tells you what permissions an app needs prior to installation. I found this helpful from a security perspective. If I go to install a calculator app and see that it wants access to my phone book, then I know something is fishy.

With Apple, you don't know at all what apps are permitted to access, so you're basically blindly trusting that Apple tested this app and made sure it's not sending your personal info off to Russia.

Again, another thing the average user wouldn't likely care about, but I found it helpful.

I'm still not decided if I'm going to keep this puppy yet, but while I have it feel free to ask me any questions if you're considering an iPhone. Or, just drop a comment. Fire away!
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Jun 12, 2011
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Try accessing a website with Flash or Java.... I won an iPad2, and that + all you mentioned + the Safari browser's other shortcomings + the fact that it's not even meant to be a stand-alone device -- they assume you'll own a computer + an ipod + an iphone + an ipad, & always be somewhere with wireless connectivity... you can't even start the thing up out of the box unless you've got a separate computer and an itunes account -- + a host of other issues, means I most certainly will NOT ever Actually buy an Apple product.


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Aug 13, 2010
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I don't care what people say about iOS and how it's the end all of smartphone operating systems. And I don't care what they add to iOS 5. I'm done with iPhone. I've used one for about a month. These things are so locked down, it's unbelievable. I know you can jailbreak, but you can't even hide an icon without JB. Hell, the oldest BBs can hide icons. Some of the simplest things in Android and even BlackBerry can't be done on an iPhone. So I agree with everything said above.

The only thing(s) iPhone has on Android is battery life and that it is slightly more reliable as a phone. And I guess iTunes for music purposes only, but there are tons of programs that can do the same thing on Android. I know some people will hate me for saying this, but iPhones are seriously dull and boring. The reason my battery life lasts so long on it is because I never touch the damn thing. I rarely check anything, because it updates NOTHING in the background. I'd rather charge my phone once or twice a day and use it than have a nice paperweight that rings every now and then.

/end rant :D


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Apr 24, 2010
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I've had to pass on the iPhone because I use my file manager app on my phone daily.
I also use DropBox daily.
The DropBox version for IPhone is limited. On my iPod Touch and iPad I use on occasion, I can't edit nor download any of my DropBox files. I can only view them.

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