Android TV Box is bricked and won't come on even after hard reset. How can I fix this?


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android tv box is bricked and won't come on even after hard reset

My android tv box (with a rk_3066 chip) won't come on even I did a hard reset. This happened after a accidentally flash with a wrong rom. The blue light in front still come on but nothing else work, no screen and no other functions.
I tried to connect to the pc (driver installed) via usb but the pc couldn't even recognized the box.
Is there any other way to savage this situation? Please help.


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Feb 17, 2017
Did you try putting a toothpick in the AV Port of the box there is a hidden button you'll feel it pushing in. Hold it in and then turn the power on the box keep holding it until you see the homescreen and it will reset at least it should that's how I fixed mine. Good luck