Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs


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Mar 11, 2010
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Angry Birds Halloween
Level 3-2: Fire Green Boomerang Bird backwards to free golden egg from inside Pumpkin on top center
Big Pumpkin Total Destruction 3 stars in all levels

Angry birds -"Seasons Greedings"
Level 13: Smash Wreath in center under the structure:
Egg 2 Big Present Total Destruction 3 stars in all levels

Angry Birds Seasons "Hogs and Kisses" Golden Eggs
Level 1-7: There will be a Golden Egg on top of a cloud with wings. Use white bird to drop an egg on the cloud floating on the bottom under the sling shot platform.( pull the white bird as if you are going to shoot it backwards then immediately drop egg on floating winged cloud below.
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