Annoying icon pop up (Galaxy Note 4)?


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Annoying icon pop up (Galaxy note 4)

Hello, this is a resent problem I've had with my galaxy note 4 two days ago. Every now and then when I turn on my phone a little tv remote icon pops up. Kinda like the pop ups you get when you receive a message on " messenger " from a friend. I tried removing it by dragging it over to remove icon but there's no way to remove it. An when ever I tap on it, it blocks the screen, except for a small part on top of the screen. This makes the phone unusable and the only way to fix the problem is to remove the battery. This is becoming very annoying and I wish the fix this issue. Someone please help.

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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Re: Annoying icon pop up (Galaxy note 4)

Hi, welcome to the forums! This is a known issue affecting many users. The culprit is an app called Peel smart remote, search for it in your app manager and disable it. Tell us how it goes.