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Hi all. I tried setting up an account with a supermarket app on my phone and it asked me what email account id like to use, one was my g mail account, the other email was my brother in laws email which ive never used in anyway shape or form. Why would his email come up to set up an account? Have i been hacked by him or is he using my details to set up stuff?


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Dec 7, 2012
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Go to settings>Accounts>Manage Accounts. All the accounts on the phone are listed there. There is a "have I been hacked" sticky that I'm sure one of the mods will post when they see this that probably has useful info, and if you wan to continue this discussion you will need to register for an account.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! And here's the sticky fuzzylumpkin was referring to: “I’ve been hacked” - Android Forums at

This is also worth reviewing: [GUIDE] How To Avoid Malware - Android Forums at

Has your sister ever used your phone for anything? Maybe she used that email address for something.

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