Another question about settings for my GS7


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Jan 27, 2012
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My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. Android is 6.0.1. My carrier is VZW.

I'm still trying to recover from my mindless "adjusting" of Settings on my GS7. I was interested in doing what I could to make the battery charge live a little longer. I took no notes (of course) of what I changed. :( :-[

I think that I broke something that affects running things from a Timer. Here's an example of what's (not) happening:
I have a Tasker Task that uses a timer profile to run at the same time every day. The timer profile has had the start time and stop time set to exactly the same hour and minute. This Task has run faithfully for some years across several Android phones but now is throwing me a curve.

Before now the Task would run on time every day regardless of what else my phone was or was not doing. Now the Task only seems to start if the screen is powered on.
The Profile had always worked with the Start time and Stop time set to the same minute and second until very recently.
Today I set the profile to have 3 minutes between the start and stop times and turned the screen Off by hand. At Start Time my Task did not start. I turned the screen on manually before the profile's stop time occurred and the Task took off at once.

Could I have made this problem happen by screwing around in Settings? If it's possible that I did, where would I look to try to undo this problem?

I have a second question: Is there a web page or other resource with a huge tree diagram that describes Settings in detail and maybe answers questions like mine? If so, where is it?

Thanks again!

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