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Any accurate Android weather apps?

Fred Wilson2

New member
Oct 24, 2014
any accurate android weater apps ?

I'm in the USA, however am trying to find, with no luck so far, an accurate weather app for weather in the Philippines (central Luzon).
I've tried all the major ones, Accuweather, Amber Weather, MSN, etc. and none see accurate.
For instance they will be showing rain in Cabanaturan and I'll msg some friends and they say nope, sunny, and even snap a picture or two for me.
Accuweather showed rain a few weeks ago when that tropical storm went by, yet some friends went to a park all day and even set me photos, sunny skies, no rain.



Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Re: any accurate android weater apps ?

You need a forecasting service located in the Philippines to get accurate weather in the Philippines (like "look out the window, dummy" - which they can't do from California). Weather Philippines, located in the Philippines, might be more accurate (look where their stations are located), but they don't seem to have an Android app, so you'd have to use your browser.