Any Advice On How To Get The Best Deal When Upgrading from Flip Phone to Smartphone on Verizon?


Jan 9, 2016
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I'm new here, so please excuse the newbie type questions.
I hope someone can help me figure out how I might get the best deal when upgrading from a flip phone to a smartphone on Verizon.

> My father and I share Account Owner privileges on a More Everything Unlimited Talk & Text with 1GB shared.
> Been with Verizon Wireless since 2007, usually on 2 year contracts.
> Currently there are 3 lines and 1 tablet on the plan. 2 basic phones and 1 iPhone.
> Monthly bill breakdown (with surcharges, fees and NYS tax): 2 Basic phones - $27 each + iPhone - $48 + Tablet - $10
+ More Everything Unlimited Talk & Text with 1GB - $30 = Total $142 month for 3 phones and tablet.

My current basic phone has been eligible for an upgrade since April 2014 - it's now on a month to month contract.
I would like some advice on how to get the best deal on an upgrade to an LG G4 smartphone.

On the Verizon website, the best offer for the LG G4 is $199 plus the dreaded $40 upgrade fee (with a 2 year contract).
Not sure how much extra this would add monthly to the bill, I imagine my basic phone fee of $27 would jump to around $48, same as the iPhone.

Visiting an official Verizon store, they gave me a price of $179 for the LG G4 phone, plus $18.83 + $20 (line access charge?)
per month added to the bill, plus a free case up to $60 value (not on a 2 year contract).

I understand that adding another smartphone into the mix means that more data should be added to the plan as well.

Any advice on which is the best way to go here? Can the price of the new phone or the monthly bill be reduced?

Are there any upcoming sales or current Promo Codes that might work to get the best deal at Verizon?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Feb 23, 2011
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Visiting an official Verizon store, they gave me a price of $179 for the LG G4 phone, plus $18.83 + $20 (line access charge?)

Any idea where that $179 is coming from? The G4 on a payment plan without any down payment is $18.83/mo. I'm hoping the $179 was the total expected monthly bill.

There is also an online promo code for $100 off upgrades. If you don't want to do the port out/in option, using that code for phones upgraded ave put on a payment plan would knock some off. It would lower the payment plan by $4/mo.

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