Any experience with GreatCall - Jitterbug Cell Phones?


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Jun 13, 2010
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Apologies if this is too far off topic for the site, but curious if anyone has had any experience with these phones? GreatCall-Jitterbug Plus

Seen them advertised towards seniors for some time, and looking for a new phone for my parents. The Jitterbug Plus looks like a decent phone, seems to get decent reviews. GreatCall provides service on the Verizon network which is pretty strong in the area.

Dad has been on Sprint for years (as have I), but like most providers, the offering of simple feature phones is minimal at best. The flip phone he got the last time he "upgraded" was an epic fail, and I've had him on an old refurb Samsung A900 for the last year or so riding out his contract which is now over. The phone was perfect for his needs...was probably the last high-end flip phone Sprint offered...but is starting to act up. Sprint offers one basic flip phone, but it appears to be the same cheap warmed-over Samsung they always offer (like the pitiful one he had). My parents are intelligent folks...Dad can even do pretty well with a computer surfing the web...but hand them something with a touch screen and its like kryptonite to Superman.


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Aug 8, 2013
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One of my clients has a Jitterbug and she adores it. It works well and she gets great service. However, she doesn't know anything about computers. Has never even touched a keyboard before. She is 90 and it fits her needs perfectly. I'm not sure how much extra your parents would want beyond a phone that can just dial out with big numbers. If all they want is something to call on, it would be quite perfect for them.

D Vin

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Jan 10, 2017
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I have a jitterbug touch 3 and boy do I wish I'd never bought it.
1 The health and emergency apps cost more to use and are only marginally useful unless they are lonely and just want to talk about their ailments. 911 is where to be in an emergency not some greatcall dope.
2 the greatcall service is expensive compared to pay as you go
3 If you use tracfone, which you can, I do, you'll get no help from greatcall
4 GC has disabled the connectivity of smartswitch and kies and loads their phones with outdated android no one is writing apps for

if all they want to do is call, it's ok but if they get interested in the whole smartphone thing they will be disappointed.
I'll gladly sell you mine,
Someone really needs to develop a simple user interface like greatcall did and offer it as a standalone.
The cost of the gc phones is too high for what you get,

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