Any fix for audio latency with games? Samsung Galaxy S6


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Just bought a new Samsung S6 after owning an iphone for years. One thing I have noticed is that there is a slight audio lag with the games I play (e.g. Simpsons Tapped Out, Clash of Clans) from when I click an item until the sound is played. If I type something in a message though, the sound from typing letters appears to have no latency at all. So I am assuming this is with games only.

The games on the iphone had no audio latency whatsoever. Is this just a Samsung thing? Is there a fix? I tried changing the media player in the developer options but that did nothing.

Bit frustrating that I have moved from iphone to Samsung and already I am getting issues.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Chances are that this is not a Samsung or Android issue, but rather some conflict between apps. It can be tricky to tease out, though. The definitive way would be to uninstall all apps except that game, and see if the lag persists. If not, then something else you installed may be interfering.


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Oct 5, 2015
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I recently posted this in "Ask a Question" but I wasn't happy with the answer I got and couldn't reply to that post anymore.

I have recently bought a BRAND NEW Samsung S6. After installing just one app, ONE APP ONLY (Simpsons: Tapped Out) I noticed there was some audio lag between the time you click something and until the sound actually plays. A slight audio latency issue which I am picking up on. This NEVER happened with the same app on my iphone 4.

I have installed another app (Clash of Clans) and the same thing has happened. Audio delay whenever I click something.

When I write an sms the sound from typing seems to be spot on, so I assume this must be relating to the games only (although I do notice it too when clicking some things on the home screen too).

1. I have tried to change the media player in the developer options. This did nothing.

2. It was suggested that this could be a conflict of apps. Remember, this is a brand new phone, and no other apps have been installed apart from the ones I am having issues with. So I doubt that is the issue.

Is there anyway to fix this? Does anyone else notice this problem? Is there a problem with Samsung or Android? Is the app just not as good on Android as it is on the iphones? Is there a problem with my phone and should I be taking it back?

I was hoping to get all positive experiences going from iphone to Samsung. I hope I don't regret this decision!


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Oct 22, 2015
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I have this exact same problem, when I click something that plays a sound as response in Clash of Clans there is a very noticable and very annoying delay. I've tried uninstalling all apps but the problem persists. I would be surprised if there aren't more people with this issue running clash of clans on android or more specifically samsung galaxy s6.


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