Any former Moto Razr HD owners?


Dec 7, 2009
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I've had the Moto Razr HD since March 2013 and tired of the dull screen and lags, but I like the battery life and no dropped calls. Considering switching to the S4. I've held my Razr HD next to the S4 and the look about the same size even with the S4's bigger screen.

Any former Moto owners that would care to comment? Thanks.
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Dec 20, 2011
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I had the HD Maxx. And while I do miss the battery life. I always carry a extra battery in case my S4 dies. Unlike most people on here I think the battery life is pretty good on the S4 as I can get through the day doing the same on my s4 as my Maxx HD (listen to sirius for 4-5 hours) internet browsing and texting) without charging or swapping batteries.
The S4 is a million times better then the HD. Atleast in my opinion. Good luck

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Jun 8, 2010
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I also made the switch on release day. I had the Razr HD Maxx for about 3 weeks (I got it as a CLN replacement for my Galaxy Nexus that was missing calls) and then switched to the S4. Night and day. The battery life on the Razr was phenomenal, but I can easily get 24 hours on my S4 even with moderate usage. If I let it sit, I can get up to 2 days, no WiFi (it's actually worse with WiFi on for me than on LTE.) The screen, form factor, and speed are totally worth it. You'll be pleased.


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Feb 7, 2010
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I had a Maxx HD and I've now had the S4 about 5 days. The battery life is pretty decent on the S4. For example, after a day at work (7 am - 5 pm), with my average usage, the Maxx HD would be down to 65-70%. The S4, with the same usage pattern over the past couple days, gets down to 50% (so far not below). I can totally live with that.

We'll see if it changes, but for now I'm satisfied with the S4. I did invest in a spare battery that I keep charged at the office in case I head some place after work where I must have a 100% completely full battery (even after topping off in the car). I'll swap before heading out and let the original charge for the next time. Haven't had to do that yet.

And the S4 feels twice as fast as the laggy Maxx HD, which certainly makes up for the battery difference.

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