Any news on a new Sprint Slider? (AKA Eepic 4G Replacement)


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Mar 29, 2011
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Just curious if there is any new/rumored High End sliders for sprint. I saw this-
But we dont really have specs (or a name, lol) on it.

Im planning on buying a new phone come Christmas, but I like to see whats coming and where its at, specs wise and what not.

I absolutely LOVE my epic 4g, but its seen a long life and the screen is slowly starting to go, so time to consider something new. Why couldn't the Epic 2 be a slider? :(


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Dec 7, 2010
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Its rumored to be called the Photon Q (q for QWERTY), and will most likely be packing the standard specs; 4.3" qHD screen, with 1.2GHz dual core (processor to be named at a later date) with an 8mp rear cam. But then again, all this is speculation!