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Any way to choose where to install Apps?

Marco Arrichiello

New member
Jan 21, 2017
As title says. Is there any way, when you have a microSD, to decide where to install an app?
I prefer to have games on phone memory, because it's faster. But when you have a microSD, it become default installation path, and if you want to install on phone memory, you have to install on SD first, THEN move it on phone


Jul 14, 2011
Unfortunately, nope... At least not from stock options. You can either choose to 'merge' the SD card into the internal memory (adoptable storage) if your phone supports it, but this would mean the phone would manage the memory allocation, soyou don't really choose where to install the app. Or you can move apps to SD, again, if your phone supports it, but remember that this means that not all apps can be moved, and each dev decides how much of the app, if at all, can be moved (the main app file will always reside in internal memory, however).

You CAN 'hack' your phone and modify the install path, tough, but that requires a bit more delving into modifying your system.