Any Way To Recover a 5Min Video I Deleted?


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Jul 25, 2015
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Hi. I recently tried to transfer a video from my Galaxy S5 to my PC but for some reason, the piece of scrap decided to lag and fail the transfer. From there it gets glitchy. I unplug and replug the phone to see if that fixes it, and I still have trouble accessing it to transfer the video. Eventually after 3 or so replugs I am able to get in the DCIM file and try to transfer and it asks me if I want to replace the file (200MB with 490MB) so I assume it failed to transfer 100% earlier, so I hit yes. Thinking it was successful without testing if it worked or not, like a dummy, I deleted it from my folder using the PC. Most people delete their files by mistake on their phones, but I deleted it through the USB. The next day I tried to open the video, only to find that it is only 4KB... somehow the transfer mucked up even more that it isn't even a partial file. I'm pretty furious as I recorded some once in a lifetime events so I've wasted a lot of time and money on some programs to try to recover that single video but so far have proven fruitless. I just recover garbage files that I have never seen before, either from ads or facebook... none of them from my phone's camera.

So long story short, a transfer failed, I deleted the file on my phone using the PC, Dr Fone, EaseUS, Recuva, Diskdigger have all failed to recover even older videos from my phone, is it even possible to recover it at this point or am I wasting my time? :'(
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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Tough situation. Use a file manager app or Windows Explorer to look for a directory called LOST.DIR (which is usually on the SD card). Broken files that failed a transfer may end up there, but with coded filenames. Look for a file that is about the right size, and rename it to be an .mp4 file. Now see if it plays.


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Sep 21, 2014
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Also if you have a cloud service like Google photos, the video might've uploaded there, so you could just download it back into your phone or thru your PC. Then again that's if you have a cloud photo service. I've found the cloud to be extremely helpful in recovering photos and videos accidentally deleted on my phone.

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