Anyone experiencing smartwach problems with the Moto G


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Nov 22, 2014
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So when i purchased the Moto G last year i was one of many who were surprised to have found such a great device at such a low price.

When i got my first Pebble i was pretty excited to step into the wearable world but I've had nothing but stress with it. The delay when controlling music makes it practically unusable and notifications take an incredibly long time to forward to the watch. I've recently made a jump from the original MotoG to the new 2nd Gen model, and have invested in a LG GWatchR. New Phone and new watch = Problem solved? No such luck.

Im just wondering if anyone has come across similar problems. Any thoughts on the reasons? After pairing via Bluetooth with my friends car to play music and facing similar problems im resigned to thinking that it might just be sub-par Bluetooth on a budget device. :( It's a shame. I've kind of fallen in love with this phone.