Anyone had a cracked screen repair on Tab S3?


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Aug 16, 2016
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Local guys didn't want to attempt a repair on it, and I've already picked up an S4. So I'm looking for the best place to send it in for repair. It's just the glass, the tablet works perfectly.

Managed to catch the keyboard, but magnets released the tablet onto a tile floor.

Anyone had experience or care to recommend a repair facility?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Just the glass? Probably no one reliable. That's a difficult job - if you start removing it when it's 5° too cold, you rip the screen. If you get it 5° too hot, you damage the screen. And a large screen is difficult to get within that narrow range evenly. Most manufacturers won't even do it, they replace the screen (which, many times, is cheaper than replacing the glass. It's an easy job, about 15 minutes - replacing the glass can take a few tries [to remove the broken one], so you're paying for the labor of a much more experienced tech and for a much longer time). I've done 5" screens, but I've never gotten anything 6" or larger to be hot evenly enough to try. (If the glass i totally shattered, it's easier - one little piece at a time. But that takes a long time, so replacing the screen is still usually cheaper.)

I know that everyone and his uncle on eBay sells the glass, and you can find "I've never done this before, so let's see what happens" videos on YouTube - but I've also seen videos of ghosts and flying saucers on YouTube. That "I've never tried this before" video is being done by someone who replaces large screens for a living - probably so he can feel smug, knowing that no one watching the video will be able to do it.

Kim Werth

Aug 27, 2015
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I sent mine to Samsung and they charged me $65. They fixed charging issues and replaced the screen. When I got it back it was like new. Also, their customer service was great. Worth it since I've only had it 2 years.

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